Brain Armor Announces a Paradigm Shifting Partnership with One Pro Sports Management

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Brain Armor’s Partnership with One Pro Sports Management Melds Brilliance on the Field and in the Mind

Boca Raton, FL, November 30, 2023 — Brain Armor, Inc. announces that it has entered into a Partnership Agreement with One Pro Sports Management (OPSM), a sports management company in North America. Brain Armor is a unique proprietary scientifically designed algal based omega-3 formulation. It combines a 2:1 DHA:EPA ratio, along with other vitamins and minerals supporting strong brain health. For more information go to

Under this agreement, Brain Armor becomes the official and exclusive brain supplement of OPSM. Brain Armor will provide giveaways, branded merchandise, and resources as needed, while OPSM will promote and market Brain Armor’s innovative cognitive optimization products with its athletes, creatives, and influencers.





This collaboration blends elite athleticism with cutting-edge neuroscience, aiming to enhance athletes’ physical prowess and mental acumen. By integrating Brain Armor into OPSM’s training regimens, we intend to redefine peak performance on the soccer field.

Jason Teale, Peak Performance Coach of OPSM, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to partner with Brain Armor, an industry leader in cognitive enhancement and neuro-optimization. This collaboration between our elite athletes and cutting-edge neuroscience promises to unlock new horizons for athletes while fostering innovation.”





Michael Friedman, President of Brain Armor, added, “We’re embarking on a visionary journey to redefine human potential alongside OPSM. Together, we aim to revolutionize sports and cognitive enhancement, offering a groundbreaking opportunity for athletes, investors, and innovators.”

OPSM’s legacy of nurturing exceptional talent in the soccer industry combined with Brain Armor’s innovative approach signifies a new era in sports and neuroscience. This partnership is set to captivate imagination and drive unprecedented progress.

About Brain Armor, Inc.

Brain Armor has developed and now markets and sells a portfolio of algal based omega-3 formulation under the Brain Armor brand targeted at the cognitive health and performance segment. For more information, please visit:

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One Pro Sports Management (OPSM) is a sports management agency specializing in player representation and career guidance offering clients a unique balance from their player pathway on the field to their brand development off the field. OPSM offers a family-first approach dedicated to achieving the highest form of excellence possible for each client apart of the agency. For more information, please visit:




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